History of Clayton County GA 1821 - 1983
Compiled by Ancestors Unlimited Inc, Genealogical Society
Clayton Co, GA
Pages 607 - 611
Used with permission
1860 Mortality Census of Clayton County, Georgia
Name	                     Age-Sex	Married	Born	Died	Cause of Death

Morrow, M.A.	              39 F	X	Ga.	June	Consumption
Morrow, 0 (Black Slave)	       1 M		Ga.	April	Serofula ?
Sears, L. M.	               8 M		Ga.	Feb.	Croop
Harrell, Joseph	              69 M	X	Ga.	May	Dropsy
Hunt, N.C.	                  26 F	X	Ga.	June	Fever
Hartsfield, E.T.	           6 NI		Ga.	Aug.	Dropsy
Morris, A.A.	               I M		Ga.	Sept.	Flux
Huie, M. R.	                  39 F	X	Ga.	May	Consumption
Burks. C.C.	                   7 F		Ga.	Aug.	Scarlet Fever
Devaughn, R. Black Slave)	  25 M		Ga.	Dec.	Pneumonia
McConnell, J.T. (Black S1ave~ 3/12 M		Ga.	May	Fever
Hanes, NI. J.	              30 F	X	Ga.	Oct.	Consumption
Farmer, A.A.	              22 1		Ga.	Jan.	Consumption
Hutcheson. M. (Black Slave)	  65 1		Ga.	Feb.	Dropsy
Fitzgerald NI. (Black Slave)  21 F		NC	June	kc~ver
Fayette, A. L.	              51 F	X	NC	June	Cancer
McConnell. James	          64 M	X	Ga.	Nov	Consumption
McConnell, Sarah(mulatto Slave)2 M?		Ga.	Apr.	Fever
Allen. M. H. (Black Slave)	 112 F		Ga.	Apr.	Croop
Darsee, L. D.                12 F		Ga.	Aug.	Flux
McCorde. M.S. (Black Slave)	 4 M		Ga.	Jan.	Croop
Rountree, Henry	             25 M	X	Ga.	May	Disease of liver
Timmon, S.	                 5 F		Ga.	Nov.	Epilepsy
McKown, MA.	                 10 F		Ga.	Oct.	Rheumatism
Johnson, D. D. (Black Slave) 5 M		Ga.	Nov.	Parcenet?
Johnson, D. D. (Black Slave) 1 NI		Ga.	June	Parsenet
1.assetter, T. J.	         47 M	X	Ga.	May	Disease unknown
Creel. W. G.	             2 NI		Ga.	June	Fever
Stephens, M. H.	             24 F	X	Ga.	Aug.	Fever
Philips, W. A. (Black Slave) 30 M		Ga.	April	Pneumonia
Moosley. F.A.	             22 F	N	Ga.	Jan.	Rupture
Tanner, J. B. (Black Slave)	1 NI		Ga.	Ma'.	Flux
Estes, Marea	            65 F	X	SC	Sept.	Epilepsy
Fortson, T. H.	            19 NI		Ga.	Mar.	Fever
Glass. Manson (Black Slave)	12 M		Ga.	Mar.	Typhoid Fever
Camp, A. (Black Slave)	    20 NI		Ga.	Sept.	Typhoid lever
Camp, A. (Black Slave)	    15 F		Ga.	Sept.	Typhoid Fever
Smith, J. C.(Black Slave	1/12 F		Ga.	Feb.	Typhoid Fever
Smith, J. C.(Black Slave)	2 1"	Ga.	Feb.	Prob, Typhoid Fever
*Smith. C. W. (Black Slave)	39 F		Ga.	Nov.	Consumption
Smith, C. W. (Black Slave)	60 F		Ga.	Mar.	Burn?

*Occupation. Doctor M/D

Note:  Census Taker - J. H. Morrow All Northern District

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