History of Clayton County GA 1821 - 1983
Compiled by Ancestors Unlimited Inc, Genealogical Society
Clayton Co, GA
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Representatives in the State Senate Showing District Numbers
Courtesy Joseph M. Moore and Frances P. Tuck
County Created November 30, 1858
1859-1860               James F. Johnson
1861-1863          Andrew Jasper Hansell
1863-1865 Elihu P. Watkins
1865-1866 James F. Johnson
1868-1870 William T. Winn (Unseated, Ineligible)
1870 James L. Dunning
1871-1874 George Hillyer
1875-1879  Evan P. Howell
1880-1881  William J. Winn
1882-1883 S. B. Hout
1884-1885 William Archelaus Tigner
1886-1887 Joseph Jesse Northcutt
1888-1889 Frank P. Rice
1890-1891 Rev. Robert Todd
1892-1893  Alexander S. Clay
1894-1895 William H. Venable
1896-1897 A. C. Blalock
1898-1899 R. T. Nesbitt
1900-1904 Clark Howell
1905-1906 A. C. Blalock
1907-1908 E. P. Dobbs
1909-1912 John M. Slaton
1913-1914 G.M. Huie
1915-1917 E. P. Dobbs
1917-1918 Walter Pemberton Andrews
1919-1920 Ivan E. Allen
1921-1922  Frank Crawford Manson
1923-1924 Ernest Marvin Smith
1925-1927 Walter C. Hendrix
1929-1931 William Venable Whaley
1931 Edward L. Reagan
1933 Walter Arthur Sims
1935 George Everett Millican
1937-1938 George Everett Millican and Ralph Lesley Turner
1939-1940 James Walter Estes
1941-1942 Ernest Marvin Smith
1943-1944 James Walter Estes
1945-1946 Ralph Lesley Turner
1947-1948          Ferrol A. Sams. Sr. (Resigned)
King William McEilvaney, Jr.
1949-1950 Albert G. Swint
1951-1952 Edgar Blalock
1953-1954 Harry H. Redwine
1955-1956 E. Girdean Harper
1957-1958  E. Alvin Foster
1959-1960 Harry H. Redwine
1961-1962 Robert H. Smalley, Jr.  
1963-1964          S. Thomas Ellis 
1965-1968    Kenneth Kilpatrick 
1969-1972 Terrell A. Starr 
1973-1974          Robert H. Smalley, Jr. (28th)
Terrell A. Staff (44th) 
1975-1976 Virginia Shapard (28th)
Terrell A. Starr (44th)
1977-1978 Virginia Shapard (28th) 
Terrell A. Starr (44th)
1979-1980 Kyle Cobb (28th) 
Terrell A. Starr (44th)
1981-1982  Kyle Cobb (28th) 
Terrell A. Starr (44th)
Source: State of Georgia, Official & Statistical Register                           
               1975-1971 and 1977-1978
               State of Georgia
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